Inside Out with Jane Z. is the mental health podcast for entrepreneurs.

In 2015, Jane Z. was living her best life as an entrepreneur. She co-founded the first classroom design platform, which was on its way to become a successful design consultancy with a steady stream of press coverage and clients. But three years later, the company lost its biggest client and Jane was completely burned out. 

So, she set out to figure out how to build a thriving business — without losing your mind. In this podcast, she’s here to help you do just that! Join Jane as shares the practical tips and inspirational stories from entrepreneurs who are already building their dream businesses.

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About the Host

Jane Zhang


Jane Z. is an entrepreneur and storyteller. She started her first business at age 13. Later in college, she caught the entrepreneurship bug while developing a sustainable student-run cafe on campus. Her fascination with sustainable food systems led her to host a radio show, organize cleantech networking events, and eventually study at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. While at Harvard, Jane co-founded room2learn, an EdTech platform turned design consultancy that works with K-12 schools and districts around the U.S. and globally to design better learning spaces.

Today, after seven years of launching and growing brands and digital products, Jane created this podcast to help first-time founders and entrepreneurs achieve their dream job, and stay human on top of it all. Jane lives in Boston with her fiancé and five resilient house plants.