June 22, 2021

Building a Million-Dollar Jewelry Brand with Allison Claire

Building a Million-Dollar Jewelry Brand with Allison Claire

When you first start your business, not everyone will believe in you. But that’s okay, because the only person that needs to believe in what you’re building — at least to start — is you. 

Allison Claire had a ton of doubters when she was starting her jewelry business - her dad, one of her first customers, and banks who denied her a loan. But it turns out, Allison had a perfect background for what she was doing. During her 8 years of working in university administration, Allison struggled to find a way to represent her alma mater at football games and fancy events without looking tacky in a hoodie. So she built Allison Claire, a jewelry brand that offers luxury collegiate pieces like gold necklaces and diamond earrings.

In just 5 years, Allison Claire has made almost $1 million in sales and over 1,000 orders — as a one-woman show! The brand is a licensed jeweler for 8 schools and counting, including the University of Washington, University of Arizona, and Virginia Tech. Today, Allison is here to tell the tale of how she dove head-first into a new industry, teaching herself jewelry design and manufacturing, and some of the sacrifices she had to make to build a million-dollar brand. 

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