June 15, 2021

Creating an All-Natural, Color-Matching Dry Shampoo with Laura Armstrong

Creating an All-Natural, Color-Matching Dry Shampoo with Laura Armstrong

The best products often come from a frustrated consumer.

Laura Armstrong was an event planner who traveled a ton for work and struggled to find the right hair products to bring on the road. She couldn’t lug all her tools and hair products around, and the only dry shampoos she could find came in aerosol cans, which were banned from carry-on and they turned your hair white.

So, Laura created her own.

Using ingredients you could find in your kitchen, Laura created her own formula and packaging for an all-natural, travel-friendly dry shampoo that matches your hair color. 

Almost 3 years in, Laura has expanded Dirty Blonde into a Hair and Skin Care brand that generates $5k a month in revenue — a solid side hustle on top of her day job as a marketing and event planner.

In this episode, Laura takes us behind the scenes of her operations, sharing her process of developing an all-natural formula and her tips for new businesses — what to do before launching your product, how to manage your time with a side hustle, and how to make the most out of Instagram and Facebook ads for your business.

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