April 6, 2021

Working on the Ebola Response with Vivienne Walz, Former CDC Health Scientist

Vivienne Walz is a former Health Scientist at the CDC who worked on the 2018 Ebola Outbreak response in the DRC, where she focused on analyzing community feedback from Red Cross volunteers. Today, Vivienne supports the Covid-19 response as a community health liaison in the Kahnawà:ke First Nations reserve outside of Montreal. Vivienne holds an M.Sc. in Public Health and B.A.&Sc. in Cognitive Science, both from McGill University, and she’s built a career around community well-being, sustainability, social justice.

In this episode, we talk about Viv’s upbringing on a Swiss farm in rural Ontario, how the CBC documentary 8th Fire set Viv down a career path around indigenous culture and social justice, and the story of when she got hit by a drunk driver. And of course, we talk about how Viv ended up working at the Centers for Disease Control, what evaluation work looks like, and what it was like being on the ground in the DRC working on the Ebola response. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vivienne-walz-45b663b8/

CBC Documentary 8th Fire https://www.cbc.ca/firsthand/blog/8th-fire-wabs-walk-through-history
Dalai Lama Fellowship: https://www.dalailamafellows.org/#main 

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